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Algarve Property Cleaning Services

A clean and spotless place is something that everyone enjoys, namely at home or during your Holiday vacation in the Algarve. It is however, difficult to keep an eye on the cleaners working on your holiday home when you’re not around. At Seashell, we take pride in our cleaning services, we encourage trust in our clients by employing cleaners with many years in this field of expertise and also by never failing to deliver a quality cleaning. Our property cleaning and management services will also ensure that everything is in its best shape and in due place before and after a holiday rental, whether it is for guests or for the owners.


We specialize mainly in Holiday property management and regular cleaning services for our clients, but we can also offer One off cleans and Builder Cleanings when requested.

Outdoor Cleanings

Cleaning the outdoors with a garden hose is sometimes insufficient. Year after year of exposure to the elements may cover everything, from tiles to outdoor furniture, with a layer of grease that won’t easily budge without specialized tools. A power washer is most of the time the tool of election for this service; this tool can turn a grayed out sun-bed to its former white color. Other tools such as the orbital scrubber may come as the savior of extremely worn out pavements, including calçada stones. We put all of our tools to good use at our client’s properties.


We have our own laundry service, we do not subcontract laundry services due to past experiences of poor quality. We believe that when something is done in an industrial manner and scale, attention to detail is lost.
We offer on demand tumble dryer services for those special pieces that you want extra fluffy, such as towels.


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