Yours truly, Seashell – Property Management in Algarve

Seashell is a small property management company operating in the central Algarve, proud to run a family business that has expanded and thrived over the years that we’ve been in operation. This aspect is not just because the company is run by people in the same family, it is also because we too consider our clients part of our family. It is our way of doing business, right or wrong, we prefer to do things like this.

It is our vision that in this ever increasing cold, business oriented and fast paced World some things remain as they should, we will not only provide a great service to our clients but we’ll also be available to them as if we were part of their family. Of course that doesn’t mean we will show up in their houses asking what’s for dinner.


24 hour call out service

property management algarveWe’re here for our clients. Our way to prove it is that we are available for emergency calls at anytime during the day or night. If something requires immediate action, such as a medical emergency, a robbery in the late hours, any life threatening situation or any other real emergency call, we WILL be available to attend the phone and go to the rescue without any extra charge or hassle. We’ve helped our client’s before in all of the described situations and we haven’t charged an extra cent for that. Of course common sense must play a role in here, we don’t expect to be called at 3 a.m because a bulb went off.

How many property management companies in the Algarve can make such a claim? Not many.


Management and maintenance checklist | Property Management Algarve


Weekly checking of interior and exterior

  • Airing the property to avoid bad smells and mold in sensitive areas such as inside wardrobes, cabinets, tissue furniture, etc…
  • Open taps and flush toilets, keeping fresh water in the pipes avoids calcium deposits and bad smells
  • Look for damaged items or any attempt of robbery
  • Notice any leaks, water infiltration or humidity problems
  • Keep an eye on garden and swimming pool maintenance

Visits after owner or guest’s departures

  • Make sure all doors and windows are properly closed and the alarm is active, if available
  • Pick up the laundry and throw away any garbage left behind in the property
  • Turn the lights, gas and other unnecessary appliances off, such as the thermo accumulator and air conditionings
  • Put all garden furniture inside the property or cover them
  • If last used by guests, check property inventory for breakage deposit return.
These points serve as a rough guideline for the standard management visit check-list that is a part of our routine. Other points may be included in the routine depending on specific needs. Of course we’re open to specific client’s suggestions about how we should proceed to better maintain and serve their own properties.

Visits before owners or guests arrival

  • Turn the gas on if available and make sure there is hot water in the property
  • Check all bulbs and switches for correct working order and replace them if necessary
  • Check correct working order of all appliances and electric machinery
  • Put garden furniture outside
  • Deliver welcome packs or other additional requests
  • Turn on Air Conditioning if requested

Items to be done when needed

  • Payment of expenses like electricity, gas, condominium, etc… on time
  • Cleaning or servicing air conditioning at the start of the year
  • Greasing and oiling hinges and other moving parts regularly
  • Reporting any problem that may arise during routine maintenance visits.
  • Purchase any groceries in supermarket prior to owner’s arrival, free of charge



Meet and Greet

During the owner’s absence and as long as we’re told in advance we will provide a meet and greet service for guests staying at the property.


After Storm / Flood Checks

Whenever storms hit, we anticipate our routine property management check to make sure your property is safe. Our mind as well as our client’s will be at ease knowing no damage has been done.


Delivery Access / Property Repairs

In case you’re expecting a scheduled delivery of some kind or something needs to be done inside the property by 3rd party personnel, we will gladly be there to open the door and supervise the works on behalf of the owner.


Mail Collection and Forwarding

We will pick up and sort the mail at the client’s property postbox if available, alternatively we can provide our own address for mail delivery. We will forward any important mail if instructed.


We are where our clients are

We chose not to have an office open to the public. Do we need one? Our convict answer is no.

We’re just a phone call away, our clients don’t need to go to us, we will go to them.

Surely we would be able to obtain a few more clients with an open office, but the downside of it is considerable. Not having a physical office means we have less expense; namely the rent, extra taxes and the employees needed to maintain the office open all day. We’re able to offer better prices than most other property management companies with an open store, it’s easy to understand why.
However not having an open office to the public doesn’t mean we can’t offer basic services to our clients such as e-mail sending/checking, sending faxes, and other things you can usually do in an office. Our home is our office, our home is always open to our clients. All they need to do is ask, we will be able to assist with anything they require.


Seashell – Property Management Algarve